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They are who we are and how we see the world. Stories can sell. Stories can record a life. Stories can create a movement. I create fresh content in either written form or an audio version, which could take the form of an interview, a podcast-radio show or an “About Us” business story, or whatever else we come up with!

The possibilities are endless!

Business Biographies 

Business biographies showcase your unique perspective, as well as your qualifications. Creating a business bio is an opportunity to self-define and consider the direction of your business, possibly even your life. What makes a compelling bio, one that brings up a “Yes! I want her on my team!” kind of response? One word: Differentiation. How is your unique approach more effective, more efficient, more pleasant or more personalized? What do you provide that your competition has either forgotten or hasn’t considered? What specialized training do you have? Have you considered an podcast-interview attached to your bio? I’ll help you create a story with interview clips and background music that tells your unique story. Podcast examples below.

Your Business Story

“About Us” is another opportunity to sell your product or service. Make a statement in the marketplace that shows you’re not only qualified, efficient and relevant, but human. What’s the personal story behind your success?

Website content

Content can be product descriptions, blog posts, podcasts (audio clips). I’ll help you create fresh content that sells, informs and entertains!

I’m happy to be of service.

Kathryn Eng, BS Social Science and Writing
becausestoriesmatter@gmail, Contact

Work Samples

WildGreenSoul.com – the green food zen habit experiment

Wild Green Soul Podcast and Blog: Honey Your Froot Loops Are Ready

Wild Green Soul Podcast and Blog: Baby Shoes and an Old Photograph – for Dad

Ezra Terra – “Our Story”

For Ezra Terra, soil remediation company, I wrote a company bio. They call it the “Our Story” page on their website. I titled it: Ezra Terra: What’s in a Name.

Sherry D., Encaustic Hot Wax Artist

Sherry describes the style of her paintings as “Representational Abstract”, suggesting organic shapes, colors and textures in the real world, yet also something unquantifiable and emotional. There’s something familiar, yet not. The eyes beg to linger. Each piece, wrought in encaustic hot wax medium, an unpredictable translucent molten medium, might capture the bend of a river, or a certain section of sky, or a flower halfway to seed, or…possibly something of the artist or viewer as well.

Occasionally, a simple discarded item or a found object add texture, depth and interest.

Sherry begins with nature, then expands perception—flowing with luminous process, surrendering to wherever brush, heat, wax and pigment take her.

“Many times I begin a painting with no idea where it will take me.”

Sherry shows her work at the Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, Florida; Naples Art Association, Naples, Florida; and Layor Art Gallery, Bend, Oregon.

Member of Bonita Springs Art League, Bonita Springs, Florida
Member of Naples Art Association, Naples, Florida

Member of United Arts Council of Collier County, Naples, Florida
Vice President and founder of SWFL WAX, a chapter of International Encaustic Artists
Encaustic art instructor, Naples Florida and Bend, Oregon

Richard F., Personal Trainer, Organizational Teacher, Fitness Consultant

Richard F. calls himself a life trainer, organizational teacher, fitness consultant and engagement coach. Others add “philosopher and aging-well advocate.” He’s helped countless individuals and organizations achieve stronger, healthier bodies and more resilient, connected work cultures. He combines a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Arizona State University with a unique and diverse combination modalities to create a unique and powerful hybrid coach-trainer model that not only gets results, but is a lot fun–which Richard touts as the magic ingredient. “You only get so far with gritted teeth determination,” says Richard. This hybrid wisdom includes aspects of mobility balance and resistance therapy for older adults, advanced training in life cycle wellness, massage therapy, a drug and alcohol certification, and wilderness education, just to name a few. The consummate life-long learner, Richard’s endless curiosity is his client’s gain. Whether an individual, an organization or a seminar attendee, Richard’s mind-body approach will inspire and create surprising strides towards a life well lived.

Professional Counseling Bio Emmy E.

Emmy empowers individuals to release personal obstacles and false beliefs—the real culprits behind negative emotions and extra weight. With new found freedom, people are able to create the healthy habits that naturally lead to sustained weight loss and true happiness.

When Emmy earned her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, passionate to help, she dove into the “talk therapy” model she was taught, only to realize a snail’s pace of progress towards the life her clients yearned for. There had to be a better way. After much research, she found both source of the pain and the road to healing—the subconscious mind and hypnotherapy. She quickly transformed her practice, merging the counseling therapy with over a decade advanced hypnotherapy study, along with other alternative treatments, creating an effective hybrid treatment model, where she has had the honor of helping hundreds individuals achieve results they never believed possible.

Laura R., CHt, Founder

Laura leads people out of the maze of destructive thoughts and emotions—into personal freedom, freedom to create the lives they desire, including re-imagining and recreating their bodies. Utilizing both clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, NLP (a communication, personal development, psychotherapy approach) Laura helps her clients release limiting thoughts and beliefs, which she believes the root causes of habits like overeating and inactivity.

When Laura started her private practice over twenty years ago, she knew the subconscious mind was powerful, but since then she’s merged hypnotherapy and NLP with positive psychology,  so therapies such as subliminal programming and positive affirmations reinforce her treatment model.

Having helped hundreds of people, Laura is excited to bring her powerful hybrid approach of personal transformation to an online format, where she hopes to help even more people.

“The subconscious is the most direct route to personal change and deep healing,” says Laura.


Hello, I’m Kathryn Eng.

The crucial essence or…crux of the matter: I am a storyteller. Whether you need a business piece or something more personal, a narrative will sell, inspire and powerfully convey ideas, products and personalities, better than a description or list of attributes.

In addition to a business bio, website content, a podcast or a blog post, professional writing can be a property description or even a deliciously described dish on restaurant menu!

Examples of personal storytelling could be a dating bio, a eulogy, an audio book or a personal website.

Kathryn Eng


Crux Writing

Bachelor’s of Science, Writing Minor, Oregon State University

Email: becausestoriesmatter@gmail.com

Blog website: WildGreenSoul.com



Kathryn Eng