Audio Storytelling Podcasts and eulogies

Business stories, memoirs, essays, podcasts,  audio storytelling! 

Sound adds another dimension

  • Living eulogies (end of life stories)
  • "How we got our business started"
  • A simple message to clients
  • An interview about a new product or service or a turn in the market

Not just a speech, but a conversation and a connection

  • Do you have something to say?
  • Do you want to design your own end of life service?
  • Do you want to create your own biography told in podcast snippets?
  • Do you want an autobiographical quality to your story?

Audio Examples

Take your time, look around. Listen to a few clips. Voice adds a human element and another layer of connection, whether it's a podcast, business content or a eulogy. 

Wild Green Soul

Website mission statement. Touch the "listen in browser" link.

Honey, your Froot Loops are ready!

This is a short, entertaining blog post about trying to feed teenagers a healthy diet. Touch the "listen in browser" link. 

Why Utility Locates?

Online ordering site for a sign installation company explains a new law. Touch the "listen in browser" link. 

What is hypnosis?

A local, clinical hypnotherapist defines her work for potential clients. Touch the "listen in browser" link.